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PayM€qually campaign:  NEW
This is a media campaign that NCPE felt its necessity in the context of the increase in the gender pay gap.  Through this campaign, NCPE is in fact raising further awareness on the gender pay gap on the national level.  As this is also a concern for most of the EU member states, the European Commission established the European Equal Pay Day, that this year is being marked on 3rd November, to raise awareness on this issue.  Many of the EU member states have followed suit and so has NCPE. 
Through PayM€qually campaign, NCPE is putting its message across by participating in TV and radio programmes and publishing articles in order to increase awareness that a pay gap between women and men still exists and that there are ways how this can be addressed.  Regular posts on the gender pay gap are being posted on NCPE’s fFacebook page that include infographics, video-clips and quotes of renowned personalities.  All posts can be found under the hashtag #PayMEqually.
EU funding for gender equality and violence against women: 
(a)  Call to prevent and combat gender-based violence and violence against women:
(b)  Restricted call for proposals to address gender gaps over the life-cycle:

NCPE's 14th Annual Conference - 29-05-2018 NEW

1. Review of NCPE's work for 2017 - Renee Laiviera, NCPE
2. Investigations Report - Stephanie Magro Gazzano, NCPE
3. Equality in Practice - Michelle De Giorgio, Adpro-Instruments Ltd

NCPE's 13th Annual Conference  -  02-05-2017 
1.  Review of NCPE's Work for 2016 - Renee Laiviera, NCPE
2.  Investigations Report - Stephanie Borg Bonaci, NCPE
3.  Gender Stereotypes - Dr JosAnn Cutajar, UOM
International Women’s Day Conference 2018:  05-03-2018 
Sexual Harassment at the Place of Work - Dr Lara Dimitrijevic
Sexual Harassment and Power - Dr Marceline Naudi
International Women's Day Conference  -  06-03-2017 
Gender Equality Glossary and Thesaurus 
The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) developed a Gender Equality Glossary and Thesaurus which is a specialised terminology tool focusing on the area of gender equality.  It aims to foster a common understanding of gender equality terms across the EU and promote gender-fair and inclusive language to improve equality between women and men.
Access to EIGE’s Glossary and Thesaurus -

Istanbul Convention: 

On 14 October, the World Future Council, Inter-Parliamentary Union and UN Women awarded the Istanbul Convention with its newly created Vision Award. Presented as part of the World Future Policy Award 2014, this award honours the ground-breaking nature of the Istanbul Convention and the vision it carries for women in Europe and beyond to lead a life free of violence.

This is the second award presented to the Istanbul Convention which demonstrates recognition of the fact that it is currently the most comprehensive international instrument on violence against women.

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